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Yes, you should have a neck care routine and no, it's not just for when you get older. Taking care of your neck skin is just as important  if not more important  than the skin on your face. Your neck skin is ultra-delicate, ages you significantly and all of the time we spend looking down at our devices is aging our necks like never before. I have actually seen a dramatic change in my own neck this past year which made writing this article so very important.  This now means its time for incorporating products, tools — and yes even heading to the doctor’s office if you’re ready to get serious.  

What to Keep in Mind

Elta MD Sunscreen

I’ve found it's best to have a French attitude towards skincare; it’s better to be preventative than to do damage control. I know it’s boring advice but it really is the most important  SPF all day, every day. The number one solution to preventing wrinkles really is a great sunscreen on your face and neck every. single. day. A favorite of mine is Elta MD Broad-Screen

On the other hand, tech-neck is real! Being hunched over our computers and smartphones for hours on end is resulting in sore necks, tightness, and yes more neck wrinkles. To combat this, try to keep devices eye level — especially when in bed.


Needles No More Sculpting Cream

neck sculpting cream

To really tackle the issue, take this two-step approach. The cream provides pea extract to achieve a tightening sensation while the included rose quartz gua sha allows you to practice the ancient Chinese application. It’ll provide a more lifted look and increase circulation.

Overnight Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle Patch

overnight neck patch

Who says your skin can’t work hard while you're sleeping? Apply this overnight wrinkle patch to help prevent future wrinkles while smoothing away any current wrinkles. It’ll hydrate, tone, and tighten the delicate neck  all in a night’s work.

Neck Elasticity Catalyst

Neck elastic catalysts

It’s not just about what you’re putting on your body, but you can also combat wrinkles by what you put in your body. These pills utilize pro-elastic and pro-elastic fiber technologies. They work to increase the look of skin density, which in turns helps support the viscoelasticity of the skin.


Facial Toning Device

facial toning device

On top of great anti-wrinkle products, there's also a plethora of tools to help you combat neck wrinkles. This facial toning device stimulates the surface area of your neck with micro-currents to improve the tone, contour, fine lines, and wrinkles. The technology stimulates muscles and helps with lymphatic drainage. Incorporate this into your daily routine for five minutes a day for serious results. 

Empress Stone

 Wildling Empress Stone

The technique of gua sha can stimulate circulation, improve cellular oxygenation, and help detoxify the skin to help with skin rejuvenation. The Empress Stone is made from Bian stone composed of 40+ minerals known for their healing properties. Use each edge of the tool to practice facial gua sha.  I’ve added this into my routine both morning and night and have never felt more sculpted! Make sure you’re using your gua sha with a good face oil (this is my current fav) so you can glide over the skin.

Professional Services

If you’re looking to get serious about fighting neck wrinkles, there are some noninvasive treatments to try out. Ultherapy, or high-intensity focused ultrasound, works deep below the skin’s surface to jump-start collagen production  an important aspect to the skin to lift and tighten. You’ll experience lifted, tauter, younger-looking skin -- but it will set you back between $1,000-$5,000.

Of course, one can always turn to Botox injections in the neck too. Just as they freeze facial muscles and smooth wrinkles, a few small injections across the neck can also cause the horizontal lines to disappear. Of course, the time it lasts depends on each individual, but you can say goodbye to neck wrinkles for at least three to six months.

Necks are often a region that’s greatly neglected. We see routines targeting our face and our décolleté but your neck isn’t something you’ll want to forget about.  Whether you’re looking to take a serious approach at rewinding the clock or you’re looking for some preventative measures, we’ve got you covered.

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