As summer begins to foreshadow it's end,  I finding that I am ready to transition to  fall dressing. Warm days and cool nights call for a certain type of remedy.  This is then the the time to go back to the basics and when I came across this photo on my Insta feed it reminded me of how basics truly are timeless. A boy tank paired with boyfriend jeans, a great belt, comfortable shoes, layered jewelry and a crossbody bag exudes a confident sense of style. For the cooler nights, throw on that cute jacket you already own over your shoulders.


I am crazy about this look as it is unpretentious and just effortlessly cool.  This week I'm personally challenging myself to recreate this outfit for myself!  To achieve this look, layer a summer blouse over a skirt or summer dress and pair.  All the details is what makes this outfit even more special.  For example, the delicate sock with the sandals, layered up jewelry, cool glasses and statement bag is every accessory lover's dream!  I'm obsessed! 



One of my favorite makeup artists is Katie Jane Hughes, who in my opinion is known for her dewy skin application and perfected cat eye.  I personally adore a cat eye and challenge you all to play with it for the day as well by using a brown eyeliner instead of black.  No matter what, the cateye creates such a sexy and feminine silhouette sure to make you tap into your inner Brigitte Bardot.  Here Katie has created a great daytime look using a pink creamy shadow by Danessa Myricks called Ballerina cream.  Irredescent tones are used on her face by Becca pearl powder and a nice rosy lip by Cle De Peau old in Rose lip luminizer. This is a look that easily can go from day to night.  

  credit unknown

I love this look for a beautiful summer evening.  It is all about accentuating the eyebrows which proudly frame the face.  For the skin, keep it clean and dewy, highlighting the high points of the face.  Keep your eyelid clean, line the upper waterline and apply a layer or two of dramatic mascara.  A tad of bronzer is along the outline of the face and a cherry blush is dusted perfectly on the tops of the cheeks along with a quick dusting across the nose.  Lastly, a delicious glossy raspberry red lip is meticoulsy applied. I personally love the gloss by Charlotte Tilsbury.



I confess that there are two accounts that I can scroll for hours, Pimple Popper and Edo Salon and Gallery owned by Jayne Edo.  This woman is an innovative hair powerhouse, creating the most incredible before and afters with her signature mullet shag cuts.  I am in awe of the years this cut takes off of these women!  Super cool, feminine and will channel your inner 1970's Stevie Nicks.

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