Okay, I am officially a horrible daughter. I just found out that Mother's Day is this coming weekend, thankfully overhearing in a conversation. So here I am looking for something sincerely heartfelt to share with my mom.  

Before I dive into suggestions, I want to share a book that relates to today's post, The 5 Love Languages.  I thought it would be fun to come up with Mother's Day gifts based upon what you feel or know of your mom's love language. Here is the official quiz for your mom as a reference if you need a little guidance.



This is my #1 love language so receiving words of appreciation melts me. My hubby and two sons make me breakfast with a letter every single year. For someone that needs words of Affirmation, whatever you do, do not buy a card and sign it with generic words of admiration.  Instead, write something truly heart felt sharing some favorite memories of the prior year, words of gratitude and appreciation. This just melts me and makes feel "seen" and loved. Simple and deeply touching. 


This love language is entirely about creating meaningful memories such as a picnic in the park, a visit to a museum, or a beautiful hike together.  

"This language about giving your undivided attention to that one special person, without the distraction of television, phone screens, or any other outside interference." Absolute presence making your mom feel like nothing else in the world matters at all cost.  How precious is that!

My mom and I try to make a girls trip annually. After Covid, we cannot wait to plan another together with her!


This love language is about spoiling your mom rotten by taking over daily duties or doing something work worthy for her. This type of mom feels most loved by action. A few examples are washing her car, taking over her chores for the day so that she can be lazy on the sofa while you spoil her.  Making her a beautiful meal would also deeply touch her heart. 

Here is a breakfast my teen sons made for me 5 years ago. They were in the kitchen for hours it seems! haha  It was just too cute!  The wrinkled tablecloth, picking flowers, lighting a candle, it all just melted me. 


This love language doesn't need any explanation. Just remember to hug your mom all day long, link arms on a walk and be present with eye contact.  Treating your mom for a massage is also something that feels deeply nurturing.  You could also create a "spa like" experience and give her a hand, arm and leg massage. This love language does not need much for Mother's Day, intimacy is what is most important for this momma. 

Here is one of my favorite photos of my sweet hubby and I taking a walk in a Montana meadow.


"People whose love language is receiving gifts enjoy being gifted something that is both physical and meaningful. The key is to give meaningful things that matter to them and reflect their values, even if not necessarily yours." 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a video of favorite memories of your family together.  I like to create a video for my mom with memories from the previous year. She loves receiving it and it has become a beautiful annual tradition.  
  • A Book of the Month subscription for those moms that love to read. I love mine! Browse Here

  • A mobile printer to easily print off all the photos she has on her phone. No more complaining from our moms about how this generation doesn't print off photos anymore! ha Get ready to see your mom's refrigerator covered with great memories once again. I love this gift! Shop Here
  • A piece of Swarovski jewelry.  I literally just bought this bracelet for myself when shopping with a client of mine. The quality is impeccable and the price is just perfect. I plan on wearing mine layered with my other bracelets however this would look gorgeous alone and worn day to night. Tennis Bracelet Here
  • A bouquet of beautiful flowers. My suggestion would to be more thoughtful when sending blooms. Don't just pick up a package of the first rose you see, perhaps trying a bunch of Hydrangeas or Tulips. Peonies are my favorite at all cost, ask your florists if they have any in stock. Another tip, choose florals in your mom's favorite colors of course! 
  • If you are wanting to splurge a little more, I have had my eyes on these earrings from Gucci. I have always been a fan of Gucci's Fashion jewelry line since it is affordable and so fun! These earrings are special and come in a burnished or shiny gold. See Here


 beaded bracelets, spring summer jewelry trends

I am crazy about these new bracelets! Very affordable and a subtle addition to your wrist game. I have been wearing these layered with all three together AND a single one layered with my gold cuff stack. It adds some spring brightness and I have received compliments everywhere. An absolute Spring Summer must have. 


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Wishing you all a beautiful week and Mother's Day! My love to you!!


Quotes shared from MGB relationships, a 5 Love Language contributor

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