Hello Beauties!

15 days ago, I began an experiment of wearing blue light glasses anytime that I was in front of a screen to see what all the hype was all about.  The reason?  I wanted to see if I really felt a difference or if we, as a society, were once again getting sucked into the latest marketing health fad.  I felt resistant for how could a $15 -$40 lens be so effective in preventing the claims such as eye fatigue, headaches, etc. So, I snuck into my son's room, grabbed his blue light glasses ( that he requested for the holidays a year ago) and I began the experiment. 

Day One

Let's do this!  The vision through the lens were fine, perhaps the slightest of hue. They were incredibly comfortable, wearing them was easy AND I felt like it was a fun style accessory at the very least!

Day Two

I woke up today with significant less brain fog.  If you have not experienced brain fog, it is quite literally as it sounds.  It feels as though you are in a dream, unclear and not present. It's horrible. I am hesitant to claim that today's clarity is because of yesterday's commitment to the blue glasses but it does spark a curiosity. 

Day Seven

I forgot to wear the glasses yesterday as I was travelling and out of town. Sitting in the airport, reading on the plane, scrolling endlessly in my Uber and watching every movie into the night.  Today I awoke with a mild headache and the brain fog is horrible. Was it from travelling or could there be something here, something groundbreaking that no-one is talking about in regards to mental clarity.  So today I am re-committed to my glasses to hopefully feel clearer tomorrow. 

Day Eleven

I Woke up today with brain fog and a mild headache after not wearing the blue light glasses yesterday.  I was working out of the office and forgot to take with me.  I have to admit that I had a little pit in my stomach knowing how that could make me the next day.  I was right.

Day Fourteen

As my experiment comes to an end, I have so much more clarity! My brain fog is practically non-existent. My sleep has improved dramatically at night since I read in my iPad ( my husband is unable to sleep with my nightstand lamp on.) Do I dare say I am a convert.....


I will from now on ALWAYS wear. blue light lens until something more effective comes along. The experiment exceeded my expectations, for I was stubbornly suspicious.  Studies are still are being conducted, challenging the overall benefits but what we know as of now is that blue light lens do aide in less eyestrain, improved sleep, and prevention of eye disease such as macular degeneration. 

Despite having concrete evidence, the blue light lens market is on fire!! The Book Club eyewear company says sales for its blue light glasses through March and April 2020 rose 116% over the same time in 2019, with the surge continuing, according to The Business of Fashion.  

I hope you enjoyed the experiment!  It was an easy one and if you have any challenge for me, let me know!  As for Blue Light Glasses that I love, here are some styles that I love.

Wishing you all a very beautiful week. Much love, Kate




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