If you are in self-quarantine, as we are, then I have a wonderful project for you!

When I began working in the fashion industry almost 15 years ago, a huge part of my business was helping clients fix up their wardrobes. Closet after closet, I quickly realized how emotional the process can be for some and yet how the end result was my clients absolute elation. Purging and letting go of what no longer serves us represents a very real emotional release. I promise you will feel so much lighter! You may feel inspired to wear items that you forgot about, feel inspired to wear certain items again and have a good assessment of your current wardrobe. 

So let's get started!

1. Play your favorite music or put on a romantic comedy on your laptop in the background. 

2. Create 4 areas for sorting piles 

  1. Keep
  2. Maybe
  3. Seasonal Storage
  4. Donate

3. Start going through everything!

As you go through each item, have a very HONEST conversation with yourself and ask the following: 

  • Have I worn this in the past year? 
  • Does this fit? (However, keep a few fat pants stored!)
  • Do I feel confident in this piece?
  • Is this stained, tattered, or worn?
  • Is this item comfortable?
  • Does this item have sentimental value?

4. Now go back and address your Maybe pile. You will find it much easier to access the second time around!

This is a good time to take expert Marie Kondo’s advice from her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Simply, if the item does not bring you joy, get rid of it. As you sort through your maybe pile and go over that checklist again, ask yourself if the item brings you joy.  Again, be brutally honest with yourself.

In regards to sentimental items that you feel torn to part with, I refer to Kondo again who says, when it comes to sentimentality, “Keep the emotion, not the gift.”  These items mean something to you, which is why you held onto them in the first place and are even placing them in the maybe pile. Kondo reminds us that every fabric of our lives has shaped us into who we are. It’s OK to own the feeling and discard the item

5.  Finalizing and Organizing 

When putting away all your "keeps" and organizing your wardrobe pieces, order by group via color and weight. 

To store your seasonal items, get boxes and put each item away with care. Denim can be thrown together while sweaters, I prefer to layer sweaters with tissue then store in a box with cedar sticks. 

6.  Congratulations, omg, you did it!

Your closet is now full of items that truly bring you joy and leaving space for your evolving self. Before you run out to go shopping, there is one more critical step.  Now is the time to:

7. Assess all the basics in your wardrobe

Click HERE for the actual checklist that I use to evaluate my client's wardrobes! Print it out and evaluate your beautiful fresh closet.  Then, keep an eye out for my blog next week about the Spring/Summer Trends to buy now! 

Watch out world, you are going to be looking hotter than ever!!!  

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Katrina Mihalj
Katrina Mihalj

March 15, 2020

Thank you, Kate!!
I feel 100 pounds lighter and my closet looks GREAT. I hope it stays this way so each time I buy a new item, I’m going to get rid of something. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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