Hello Lovelies!

We are officially feeling the change of the seasons here in LA. In addition, I am sure we are all officially feeling the weight of so much uncertainty in the week ahead and the world around us. So allow me to divert your attention for a few minutes to something lighter and much more fun, some fashion inspiration!!

During transitional weather, the mornings days can be warm and the nights quite cool which is a reminder to buy or pull out your lightweight sweaters, sweater vests and cardigans. Do not be afraid to layer and be playful, it is incredibly stylish! As for colors stick with the colors that I refer to in my fall guide. (Click here to print off my Fall Shopping Guide. Stick it in somewhere that you can refer to it, whether  your purse or on your desk.)

A second way to infuse fall seasonal notes is with nail colors. Below are a few tones that I have been wearing consistently, rich Browns and a gorgeous Greens. My favorite colors are Olive and June in CN & Essie in Off Tropic



If you are like me these days, I am scouring deals across the internet for fall updates.  One of the best bargains I have seen yet is from the California cult favorite, Planet Blue. Seriously, go as the entire site is almost 50% off!  Click here PLANET BLUE

Some of my personal favorites for fall are here below. (Top clockwise: Valle Dress, Holy Hooded leather coat, Ximena Romper, the Sweetheart Lace cami)

My other great finds are being bought from Zara right now!  For past years, I have found their clothes to be inconsistent with fit and quality.  However, this season they have me hooked with a website that is finally easier to navigate and swoon worthy clothes and shoes that are consistently amazing.  You are bound to get into some big trouble!

Here are a few of my favorite purchases in the past few weeks. (Click on the photo to be directed to each item.)



Lastly, a few chains to compliment all these Autumn Inspirations. It is all about chains these. days and this trend is not leaving anytime soon. Have a beautiful and safe weekend and soak up the delicious full blue moon tomorrow night! Much love - Kate





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