YOUR WEEKLY KHAOS // July 31st 2019

YOUR WEEKLY KHAOS // July 31st 2019



Elle Ferguson, Cosmopolitan's Woman of the Year in Social Media, always know how to make outfits look effortlessly cool.  I personally love any outfit that can go day to night and this could easily ease into a casual evening event.  Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans paired with your favorite oversized blouse, sets a solid foundation for sandals or heels.  My only addition, add those Khaos Essential accessories for the final touch.

 credit unknown

I love this look!  When it comes to outfits that inspire me, I always look beyond the fabric and color of the inspiration photo and instead focus on the core elements of what attracts me. For example, the obvious details here are a tailored paperbag pant, a perfectly sexy boy tank paired with a classic pump. This is where I remind you to visualize the basic details and be imaginative.  Paperbag waist pants in a daytime fabric paired with a perfect sandal would be amazing! 


 Model @audreyanamichelle

My babes, embrace your waves and curls!  For those with straight hair like mine, time to grab the much neglected tighter curling wand.  What I love about this look is the ease and sexiness, but what is making this so beautiful is that delicious side part which compliments the face.  Ladies, I know a lot of you that need a middle part intervention so give this flirty hair a try during these last summer months. 

Model @brittanyxavier

Let's talk barrettes for a moment.  I'm already over the embellished rhinestones and pearl barrettes that have been flooding all of our Insta feeds.  However, I still feel a plain metal barrette is still relevant and strong. Play with gold, black or silver and add multiples such as above. This feels so much more chic and modern.  This is another perfect look that can go from day to night.  


 Photo by @tamarawilliams1

This is such a cool summer look. The base is clean skin which is definitely a reocurring theme for makeup these days,  Subtle highlights are selectively placed on the cheekbone, nose and inner eye.  Now let me introduce the star of this look, the warm coral eyeshadow that is used to create a wonderful daytime smokey eye. This is a shade that would look wonderful on everyone!  Subtle Black liner on the upper lid waterline and a single coat of mascara create easy perfection.  For the lips, stick with a berry color stain or matte lipstick and also a dusting of rosy blush.

credit unknown

Oh baby, bronze me! This just looks like a summer evening as the face is glowing with subtle drama.  There is a lot of bronzer used then highlighter and glow applied to the high points of the face.  Don't forget to carefully highlight the lift of the lip, which creates beautiful dimension. I would pair with my favorite lipgloss of all time, the perfect neutral FENTY lipgloss


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