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One of my favorite pastimes is lying in bed or on the sofa under a cozy blanket reading for hours at a time.  I have a routine that begins with Pinterest and Tumblr, browsing my feed. I move on to all my fashion industry articles and close the end of the night reading traditional news from around the world.  

A dear friend and mentor of mine, Karen Snyder from Sanctuary Home, suggested that I share with my community the photos and articles that catch my eye.  I loved the suggestion and immediately was eager to share the content that inspires me, for I hope it inspires you as well. This has always been the ultimate goal of Khaos.

 I appreciate you all so very much! YOU inspire me!



credit unknown

"I adore this look and actually applied it to an outfit this last weekend. It is effortless, feminine and so cool.  The pants are what is making this outfit so special.  Look for pants with ties around the ankles or banded.  Wear a feminine camisole and layer with a fun lighweight cardigan.  Sandals for the day and take the night in heels.  I just love!


Again, this outfit is effortless chic.  A wide leg pant paired with a classic white button shirt lay a beautiful foundation for a fun handbag and shoes with personality.  Perfection.  

Tre by Natalie Ratabesi Resort 2020

 A classic Tuxedo coat dress worn with slouchy boots.  Pair with a statement earring and classic, clean hair.  Confident, stylish and hot!


Source unknown

Soft and delicate.  This is about subtle volume and creating that "just out of a convertible" look.  Blow-dry your hair with emphasis on creating volume, secure the hair with a barrette of choice, gently rub and pull face framing hairs out, spray loose hairs with texturizing spray. 

 Free People

I love this look for the gym, working around the house, taking a hike, etc. It is just cool and practical when you want your hair out of your face. 

Source unknown

Anyone that knows me can witness that I always defer to the messy top knot look.  What I love about this particular photo are the subtle long hairs that are pulled out close to her ears. The look feels fresh and perfect for summer weather.  I would recommend using your iron and adding a bend to the hair around your face as seen in the picture.  The bend will add the softness to this look.


Source unknown

Bronzed along the edges of the face, clean skin, natural lip and lots of highlighter make this look so perfect for this season. Highlighter can be tricky, apply to the highpoints of your face and start with less is more until you perfect the application.

 Source unknown

I just love this look. I imagine this for a beautiful afternoon sunset dinner as you are holding a beautifully chilled Champagne. Blush is stretched to the temples and blending onto the eye. This calls for impeccable blending so as to provide the softness of this look. Play with a bit of depth on the eyelid, apply a hint of highlighter to the high points of your face.  Complete the look with a pink based nude gloss, lipstick or rub in a brighter stain with your finger. 

 by @natasha.lindemann

When I first saw this image, I stared at it for the longest time.  I'm not sure how I feel about the lip with the eye, however the eye seduces me!  Don't be afraid to play with color on the eye as it is hotter than ever! The trick is again blending and I would recommend pairing with a soft lip again. 


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