Are your standard sunglasses the middle child of accessories?

Hello Khaos Community!

As promised, here is the first blog showcasing my summer necessity fashion series to step up your fashion game! Let's jump right in!

Chances are that you, yes you, have overlooked a prominent member of your wardrobe. Yes, let's get into my hypothesis that standard sunglasses are the middle child of accessories.  This is where I demand to step in and pursuade you to believe that sunglasses will be the grounding force in your summer style. You will most likely wear nothing more!

Sunglasses not only anchor your summer style but also provide a more important component in protecting your eyes for the long term. Practical and fashionable, this is indeed a practical place to splurge.  This is one area that I myself even bite the bullet and will spend more money for I know I will be wearing them more than any shoe or article of clothing that is in my closet.

Sunglasses say more about you than you might think. Upon initial interaction with a stranger, your sunglasses are the first thing that they see.  Your boring or outdated sunglasses probably say a lot more about you than you realize.  

So where do we go from here?

Let's indulge in the thesis at heart, are your standard sunglasses the middle child of accessories? Let's make that change now.

Click on the pics below to direct you to further information. Make me proud!

Have a beautiful week and I am grateful to you all!




A great pair of oversized sunglasses are a great way to conceal the fact that you're a tiny bit hungover.




So what do Logo sunglasses say about you? You're confident, and perhaps a long lost heiress from Monaco, or maybe you're running an underground casino.



Athletic style outside the gym? The athletic eye wearer likes to live on the edge of life, and it shows. The athletic staple sunglasses you've grown so fond of indicating that you are all about seeking the thrill of life.



Cateye sunglasses indicate that you have a flair for drama – but the classy kind you've found your standard sunglasses.  Daring Femininity, do I dare say?



With the matrix of sunglasses, you dictate your own narrative. You don't follow life, life supports you. Micro sunglasses are small, but you don't need to be significant to make a powerful statement.




To make it up to your standard sunglasses provide THEM with accessories to neglect. Consider a statement Frame Chain from the rightly named Frame Chain. It's a great way to give your sunglasses – or regular seeing glasses an edge that they need. With a long T-Pain adjacent chain, there's no way you're going to neglect the summer accessories again.

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