Sweet greetings to my KHAOS tribe,
This has been a really exciting few days with the launch of my website yesterday! With a majority of work behind us, timing could not be more perfect to celebrate today, February 22nd, National Margarita Day!!! Yahoo!! Let’s lick some limes because it’s time to honor the cocktail, the tequila, and the beauty of this joyous drink.
Distinct LA, a VIP party concierge service, shared with us one of their most requested recipes for all of us to enjoy. This isn’t your classic Margarita and will be drink request for years to come from! They recommend ideally prepping days in advance however even a few hours of marinating will still produce an amazing drink for you and your guests. “You should get a light layer of foam once you shake it in the shaker, it is absolutely delicious!”
As for the best tequila to use, it is suggested to always use a blanco tequila. In addition, because a margarita is a mixed drink, a lower or mid-range tequila is perfectly fine to use. Tequilas that are recommended are Casamigos Blanco and Olmeca Altos.
So, shake it, blend it, sip it straight up, pucker those lips as you lick the salted rim. And most importantly, be with the ones you love and drink safely! Have a beautiful weekend everyone! xo, Kate

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