Hello Beautiful KHAOS community!

We all need a little something fun to shake up this Covid Craziness, right?! How about a drink that embraces joy with it's color, culture and taste.  A drink that exudes fun and laughter. Yes, mark this date on your calender next week because February 22nd is National Margarita Day!!!  Yahoo

I have a delicious recipe to share with you but before I do that let's talk about the essentials needed. The basics are a Margarita Glass, Margarita mix (if you do not choose to make from scratch) and Tequila.


I have a few obsessions in my life and one of them is barware. I love a beautiful glass to showcase spirits. To me, it is art upon the eyes. When you drink from a beautiful glass, you are creating an experience of visual beauty paired with what a spirit can bring through its color, scent and taste upon your tongue. In regards to Margarita glasses, it has been my least favorite glass until this week! I had a blast digging for more modern options, placed an order myself and am excited to share them all with you!



If you feel compelled to use a margarita a mix, please read the following. I have tried every margarita mix on the market, from mainstream to gourmet brands. Trust me, they are all horrible except one, yes, literally One!

The Kirkland Brand Golden Margarita mix is just delicious. It has beautiful flavor and is not too sweet. My husband prefers to add a bit of more tequila to the the mix and the juice of a fresh lime. This equates to you a surprisingly darn good Margarita!


Now let's explore the sweet nectar of the agave plant that gifts us with the taste of Tequila. For Margaritas, a high end tequila is not necessary and most prefer using a blanco (sometimes called “silver”), which is unaged. A blanco will give you a great tasting margarita with the basic notes of agave.  

Higher quality tequilas such as Reposado introduce a little oak aging and will blunt the bright rawness of the agave with vanilla and cinnamon tones.

The recipe that I will be sharing below calls for Mezcal, a smoky infused tequila that has taken over the hearts of the tequila community. 

For parties, use a Blanco for heavier drinking.  For more intimate settings, use an anejo to bring out special notes to your drink.

Recommendations are:

Blanco // Casamigos Blanco 

Anejo //Chinaco Anejo 

Mezcal // Ilegal Reposado Mezcal


Distinct LA, a VIP party concierge service, shared with us one of their most requested recipes for all of us to enjoy. This isn’t your classic Margarita and will be drink request for years to come.  They recommend ideally prepping days in advance however even a few hours of marinating will still produce an amazing drink.  

MEZCAL PINEAPPLE MARGARITA // prepare 3 days ahead


1/2oz. agave simple syrup

1/2oz. fresh lime juice

2oz. pineapple juice

2oz. jalapeno infused tequila ( or regular tequila if you do not want spicy)

1/2oz. mezcal




3 days prior preperation:

Bottle of Tequila

2 jalapenos

Slice jalapeños into 3-4 pieces each, remove seeds and insert into the bottle of tequila. Let sit for 3 days or longer.  The longer it sits, the spicier it will be.


1. Mix agave, simple syrup and 1 oz. water

2. Prepare your glass. Swirl the rim in agave, then the tajin. Place one large round or square cube of ice in the glass. 

3. Combine all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake well.  Poor into your prepped glass.

You should get a light layer of foam once you shake it in the shaker, it is absolutely delicious!

4. Top with a fresh lime round.  

So, shake it, blend it, sip it straight up, pucker those lips as you lick that delicious rim.  And most importantly, be with the ones you love and drink safely!  Have a beautiful weekend everyone!



(All Photography by moi)