April 12, 2020


Hello dear ones!

How is everyone holding up?!  I hope you are all well under such strange and uncertain times.  My family and I have been doing well and have been positive in general.  Yesterday, was the first day I felt a bit down for I missed the laughter and hugs among my friends and family. Today is a brighter day and I trust this is all happening from some greater reason that will show itself one day. 

Today's blog I could not wait to share since we are all in need of face masks. So, I scoured the web endlessly for face masks that were effective, fashionable and I found some great ones!  Some of the designers I have worked with over the years and who are now devoting there manufacturing to supply masks to us and the medical community.  So why not look fabulous while being protective!  I hope you enjoy my recommendations below, I literally bought from each of them! haha 

Stay healthy and I adore you all.


GLADYS TAMEZ MILLINERY // This local designer I have worked with over the years, she is an absolute talent, having adorned hats upon Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen to name just a few.  She has four different silk options, I wanted them all but ultimately chose the yellow leopard. CLICK HERE

  • CANDICE CUOCO // This designer I also met years back. You may recognize her from Project Runway as she stole the show for many years. Don't let the tattoos and leather fool you, Candice's heart is one of the kindest in the industry.  She is now producing leather masks with the proceeds going to the food pantry that used to feed her and her sister in their youth. How precious is that! CLICK HERE
  • A local Southern California designer, TYSA DESIGNS, its the designer of the kaftans that you have seen me wear in recent posts. She has created some beautiful masks with gorgeous fabrics that offer sizes for children as well.  What I love is that she sells hers in packs of 3-5 which is very practical for washing.  CLICK HERE
  • ETSY SELLER ELVES AT WORK // I just received my order of these facemarks and I love them. Quality work, a beautiful shape, very comfortable and they are made from beautiful Kimono fabrics.  They also came with filters to place into an insert. This is the first of all my fabric face masks orders that arrived and I would highly recommend.  CLICK HERE
  • ETSY SELLER LITTLE PIECES LINGERIE // The second I saw these masks, I wanted them all!  This lingerie designer has made beautiful face masks that will make you feel feminine and chic.  Beautiful fabric and craftsmanship that only a lingerie designer knows the art of. I can't wait to get mine! CLICK HERE

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