A Stylist's Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts

A Stylist's Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts

Hey loves!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While I've already shared what I'll be doing to celebrate — and more importantly what I'll be wearing  I wanted to share some gift ideas too. Valentine's Day is often bad jewelry and smelly roses so I wanted to let you in on some stylish gifts your loved ones will actually want.

From non-cheesy heart jewelry to thoughtful meditation candles, there’s something for everybody on this list. So take a peek at all of our Valentine's Day gift ideas whether you’re looking to spoil a special someone, a bestie, or even your damn self.

Vice Subscription Luxury Box

Luxury Subscription Box

The Ultimate Luxury Subscription Box — for the person in your life who unabashedly loves nice things. The Vice Subscription Box is a curated collection of all the finer things in life delivered directly to your door.

Brass Lighter Case

Lighter Case

Gone are the days of cheap plastic Bic lighters laying around. This brass lighter case easily fits over standard lighters and elevates the everyday.

Maggie Louise Confections Lipstick Chocolates

Make-Up Chocolates

This isn't your average box of chocolates. Whether you have a beauty guru bestie or a loved one obsessed with glam, they’ll obsess over this Insta-worthy (and delicious) chocolate “makeup box”. 

Estelle Colored Glass Smoke Wine Glasses 

Colored Wine Glasses

Maybe it’s just me but I think stylish glassware is a no-fail gift for any occasion and lately, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Estelle Colored Glass. The chic smoky rose colorway feels on theme without being too on the nose. 

Intimacy Deck Conversation Cards 

Intimacy Deck Conversation Starters

Maybe you’re dating someone new or have a hubby of a decade -- everyone benefits from interesting and intimate conversations. This card deck features thought-provoking conversation starters to facilitate deeper connections and conversations with your partner. 

Electric Wine Opener and Preserver

Electric Wine Opener

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the bulky wine opener that overtakes my drawer. This Crate and Barrel electric option features navy and brass that looks so good you’ll want to keep it on display.

Sexy Dew Drop Lariat

Maramcs Lariat Necklace

A lariat necklace is an infinitely sexy piece of jewelry every woman should have in her wardrobe. Whether you wear it alone or layered, this necklace isn’t short on versatility or style making it the perfect gift.

Golden Thread Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Deck

Spirituality and aesthetics merge in this black and gold tarot card deck. Perfect for your crystal-loving friend, these cards are stylish enough to keep displayed.

Flirty Melinda Maria Big Ass Hoops 

Melinda Maria Hoops

pair of big ass hoops can transform an outfit and your attitude. Our favorite ones are the celeb-approved version from Melinda Maria. The oversized shape with small stone accents adds a touch of cool femininity to everything and anything. 

A "MasterClass" Subscription 

Masterclass Subscription

For that person in your life that's eager to learn, pick up new hobbies, or perfect their craft, give the gift of knowledge with a Masterclass pass. Masterclass offers over 100 classes in 9 categories from design to science and technology.

3rd Ritual BEL Candle

Meditation Candle

Candles are always a no-brainer gift idea but this taper candle from 3rd Ritual brings things to the next level. Situated in a brass holder, the taper candle includes brass pins to add to the coconut wax candles. As the candle melts, the pin drops and “pings” as a way to signal the end to meditation. Whether you have a yogi in your life or not, these candles (and packaging) are chic AF.

Sterling and Ruby Heart Ring

Serpent & The Swan Heart Ring

Cheesy heart jewelry often takes over Valentine's Day gifts but this ring from Serpent & The Swan is far from that. The hand-carved ring features a ruby heart in a sterling setting. It’s the type of ring meant to be treasured long after V-day.

La Bouche Rouge x Rose Inc Lipstick

Rose Inc Lipstick

It’s really no surprise that Rosie Huntington-Whitely has created two perfect lipsticks in even prettier packaging. The leather tube can be personalized with an initial to gift anyone that loves their lipstick -- masks be damned.

Skeem Design Match Cloche

Matches Cloche

Storing matches never looked so chic! This smoke glass cloche from Skeem Design is an instant upgrade to your current matchbox. Gift your favorite candle-loving friend this chic accessory.

La Perla Silk Face Mask

La Perla Silk Face Mask

Just because face masks are a new normal, doesn’t mean they can’t look good. La Perla has been bringing luxury to our undergarments for years so you know their take on a silk face mask is just as good.

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