Christine Rademaker Closet Instructions

Hi Christine!

Let's start you with your closet, yahoo! Don't get overwhelmed...I'm here to help you.  Start here:

1. Play your favorite music or put on a romantic comedy in the background. It makes the time fly by.

2. Create 4 areas for sorting piles 

  1. Seasonal Storage -These are your bulky sweaters, winter clothes, etc.
  2. ReSell - Zara sells well and brand names that are good condition 
  3. Donate - Even items with stains donate. It will find a needed home.
  4. Maybe - Keep this big ole' pile for you and I to review.

3. Start going through everything!

As you go through each item, have a very HONEST conversation with yourself and ask the following: 

  • Have I worn this in the past year? 
  • Does this fit? (However, keep a few fat pants in storage!)
  • Do I feel confident in this piece?
  • Is this item comfortable?
  • Does this item have sentimental value?
  • Are these shoes comfortable?

4. Closet Essentials Review - You and I can review this quickly together also!