"The ultimate stack of 4 for an incredible ear stack. Incredible quality and incredible creativity. This will be a favorite of mine forever."

♦ Beautiful dainty spike earrings made of STERLING SILVER 925 and black zirconia
The earrings come in a set of 3 pecs. no 1) hoop earring with rhombus and spike no 2) hoop with spike no 3) stud small spike no 4) ball
stud earring. 

Please note, if you would like for each ear, you will need 2 sets.
TOTAL In this order, you receive 4 pics of earrings

SIZE Length drop earring no 1: 1.38" (3.5cm) earring no 2: 0.87 (2.2cm) earring no 3: 0.39" (1cm) ball earring size: 0.12" (0.3cm)


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